Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FIFA Football Women's World Cup 2011: Germany Vs. France 4:2

FIFA Football Women's World Cup 2011: Germany Vs. France 4:2 - The last group match of the German crew against France at this years Football Women´s World Cup brought finally a long-awaited breakout.

The stunning duel between Germany and France ended 4-2, whereby it succeeded to the German women by sections outstanding to draw their dangerous offensive play up against the Frenchwomen playing trumps strongly still in the first two group plays.

Football World Cup Germany: Inka Grings strikes double

With two goals thereby the Duisburger striker Inka Grings (32) had relevant portion of the victory, which in-wetted later after Hereingabe from Laudehr to the temporary 2:0 as well as by penelty to the 3:1.

Grings replaced the captain and former "player of the world" Birgit Prinz (33) on the day of yesterday, who due to continuous form weakness in the bank place had to take.

Germany vs. France 4:2 - Garefrekes and Mbabi successful

Also into the goal scorer list to register itself the experienced Kerstin Garefrekes (1 could: 0) as well as the recent striker talent Célia Okoyino there Mbabi (4: 2), which with a fulminant right shot for the final decision in the 88. Minute ensured.

Only military courage drops of a strong crew achievement remained only two Gegentore by hitting a corner balls, which were used by the Frenchwomen in person by Delie and Georges by head ice cold and possible weak points of the German crew offenbahrten with standard situations.


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