Monday, October 26, 2009

Nagoya Grampus - Dragan Stojkovic - Video: Coach scores goal from the sideline

Dragan Stojkovic is an idol in the Yugoslav football and one of the most outstanding players of Red Star Belgrade in the 1990's.

Now as a coach Stojkovic is still working in Japan - and has shown that he still got talent in the following video!

Grampus with the referee Unhappy When the trainer of Nagoya was and he caught the ball rolled at his feet, he fired the ball volley straight from the sideline on a good 60 yards into the goal. The hit by the coach of course not counted. See yourself!

Dragan Stojkovic - Goal Video

The action, however, brought nothing for the team. He had to move in the grandstand and his Nagoya Grampus lost the game anyway. But the action was already cool and for the first time a volley from the sideline wmade it into the goal!


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