Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girondins Bordeaux - FC Bayern Munich Live Stream or live on Sat1

Bundesliga - Wolfsburg vs Munich 5-1 
Today (21.10.2009), the FC Bayern Munich plays against FC Girondins de Bordeaux in the Champions League and of course, the team of Louis van Gaal are favorized.

With a victory, Bayern were already one step shy of the second round. They would have 7 points then out of three games. But after all the trouble around the Bayern Munich strikers in the past weeks, it should be interesting who will play against Bordeaux in the attacking positions.

Luca Toni scored at the weekend but no goals, but took out a lot of free kicks for the Bavarians. He should be placed next to Thomas Mueller. Besides Toni Miroslav Klose is likely to accumulate again, simply because more suited to the Italians, as Mario Gomez. On display there is the game Bayern Munich Bordeaux via live stream (with and without downloading additional software) on the Internet or on free TV on Sat1.

My feeling is somehow that is strangling the Munich tonight a victory. This means that you get happy in the end 2-1. But it will be not a very nice game. Bordeaux will be anxious to stand well back and add the Bavarians with swift counterattacks. The Bavarians will in turn run up, but because of their lack of playful class - have no Ribery, no seals - problems. As already mentioned, there is the match Bayern Munich Bordeaux via live stream on the Internet or live on TV at Sat1 or Sky. The initiative will be held on 21.10.2009 at 20.45 clock. Sat1 will offer my knowledge, no separate stream, there are those in UEFA Champions League games simply do not.

I still wish all the fans a lot of fun, whether you are follwing the match FC Girondins de Bordeaux - FC Bayern Munich online via live stream or on TV broadcasted by Sat1. Clips and videos from the game will be available in the coming days on the Internet.


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