Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celtic Glasgow vs. Hamburger SV live stream or live in Sat1

Football - Manchester City v SV Hamburg UEFA Cup Quarter Final Second Leg
The Hamburger SV has to deal tonite (22.10.2009) with a real giant in European football history. Celtic wont make it easy for the Hanseatics although a victory for the HSV is urgently needed.

The signs, however, could hardly have been worse. Firstly you have to compete in Scotland, which is never easy and second, the Hamburger SV strikers - well, there arent hardly any!

At least not that Europe would be suitable. Marcus Berg needs to make one or two years. On display there is the game Caltic Glasgow via live stream on the internet (with and without downloading additional software) or live on free TV on Sat1.

Personally, I now type in the evening for a draw, maybe 1-1. In a game dominated by defensive tactics, and it is in my opinion, be little chamber scenes. This is obviously not good for the fan but can be under these conditions hardly change. At Celtic, I am particularly interested in the rest. I have some time to see this team can not and am particularly pleased. In general, I think that the good phase of HSV is over for the time. The team of Bruno Labbadia can not compensate the injured player easily. As already mentioned, there is the Celtic HSV via live stream on the Internet or to see them live on Sat1. Is initiated on 22.10.2009 at 21.05 clock. The expected link to the Sat1-stream today I am to hand the afternoon.

In spite of not expecting to much for the HSV, I wish all the fans to enjoy the match, whether you are online with the Celtic - Hamburger SV live stream or watch it live on Sat1. Clips and videos from the game will surely appeat on the internet in the coming days.


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