Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bayern Munich - Eintracht Frankfurt live stream or broadcast live on Sky

Football - Bayern Munich v FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg 
Today, 24.10.2009, the FC Bayern Munich has to face Eintracht Frankfurt for a so called "destiny match". This may initially sound melodramatic, but, for me, that`s quite true.

Cause if they could not win against Frankfurt, Bayern will suffer a media echo from the worst category. But after the poor performance last week, I think that a victory still would be difficult.

Within the team there seems to be deep trenches and the embassies of coach van Gaal did not seem to reach the players too. On display there is the game Bayern Munich Frankfurt via live stream on the Internet (with and without downloading additional software) or live on Sky in the pay-TV.

Frankfurt can win against Bayern really only because no one expects anything from the team of Michael Skibbe in Munich. That would certainly motivated the players nor lot easier to show a good performance. I type, therefore, on a draw (1:1) between Bavaria and the harmony. As mentioned above, there is the game Munich Frankfurt via live stream on the Internet or to Sky to see. On free TV, there will be a summary of the sports show. The game is launched on 24.10.2009 at 15.30 clock. A formal stream, at least none that I can link it will not give.

I wish all the fans to have fun, whether you see Bayern Munich vs. Eintracht Frankfurt online via live stream or watch it live on Sky. Recordings and videos from the game will be available on the Internet the coming days.


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