Tuesday, June 30, 2009

German U21 wins European Championship

With an outstanding performance, the German youngstars climbed the olymp in European Football.

Oviously, there is a new generation of future world class players. To the Bremer Mesut Özil and already on the top-level conservative Schalke keeper Manuel Neuer has formed a team in the future can hardly be beaten will be.

Rather, with some skepticism, the public the way this team to the title prosecuted. After the detachment of Dieter Eilts by Horst Hrubesch, there was quite cautionary voices, the bumpy start of the short-term coaches seemed to confirm this. A few months later, this team out, and a number of players, the quality in the near future to the European top stars of the industry to belong.

At the forefront has goalkeeper Manuel Neuer with a superb performance even further to the fore play. Completely unimpressed by the transfer of FC Bayern theater played the 23-year-old Schalke an excellent tournament, with the charisma of a world class goalkeeper. After this, the EM FC Bayern no longer the only Topclub who keep an eye on the Keeper has thrown exception.

Also very close to the threshold of the superstar is Mesut Özil. The Bremer enthusiastic in his third final this season and became law on players of the game chosen. At all the gates was lively Özil involved, dribble and a good strong pass game. Meanwhile, the 20-year-old not only in Bremen established master player, but already on the leap into the European top - and as the classic "Ten" a rare and coveted copy on the market.


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