Monday, May 11, 2009

New Europe League will replace the UEFA Cup

In September of the previous year, the members of UEFA's executive committee not only decided the increase of the EM participants in 2016 (from 16 to 24)  - they even paved the way for the reformation of the UEFA Cup 2009 to the so called "Europe League" as a new attractive competition for european top teams.

This results in centrally marketed and cross-TV rights, a name-and-ball sponsor and a new unified logo. The innovations are designed to have some "pristine" reputation of the UEFA Cup again in a glamorous light. "These changes will improve this historic competition. DieEuropaliga is important for UEFA and European football, as they are more fans, players and the enthusiasm of the clubs European Cup allows, let UEFA President Michel Platini after the Reformation, has decided to announce to the press. But not only the name and logo have changed - including the new mode differs from the previous expiration.

From the 2009/2010 season are a total of 48 teams in twelve groups of four against each other. The Defender and the ten teams eliminated from the Champions League qualifiers rise straight into the group phase, all the other struggling teams, depending on the strength of their national federations in up to four quality and elimination rounds to the financially lucrative group round. The four teams of each group are the same as in the Champions League in the return game against each other proceedings. The best two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout phase.
They also encounter the eight third from the "king class" added. From there it continues as usual - all the remaining 32 teams are grouped in a Lostopf and determine the return game mode the "Europe League champion." The group winners from the preliminary round, each have the advantage that it eliminated teams from the Champions League, at least initially from the path.

Werder Bremen and Hamburg have this year, so in many ways the opportunity to write history. One of the "northern lights" could be the last official UEFA Cup winner in the annals of European football received.


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