Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The secrets of Real Madrid`s latest success

Ten league games in a row Real Madrid has won and the attack on the FC Barcelona is not yet over. "We will continue to hunt them," promised coach Juande Ramos. The shoemaker's successor has real short time gives a new style.

When he was a teenager, Raul moved eagerly around the houses. In the wake of Schwerenöter Davor Šuker and Predrag Mijatovic, then storm Rauls colleagues at Real Madrid, was "El Siete" weeks really steep. Wine, woman and song were on the agenda.

After the mutinies Real fans who prefer their favorite cheer in the stadium saw a drunk on newspaper photographs hanging in Dekollettes, apologized in tears Raul via TV for his "antics". Eleven years ago.

Raul has fun in Milan

In recent years, Raul has hardly encountered at parties, public appearances are not his thing. The Real captain lives largely withdrawn with his family on the outskirts of Madrid.

Last Sunday he went exceptionally private times while traveling. Real coach Juande Ramos had his players the day after the 2-0 victory at Espanyol Barcelona released. Raul flew to Milan to the top of the Serie A match between Inter and AS Roma view.

Raul had a fascinating evening - in two respects. Inter and Rome provided at 3:3 for the highlight of the season, went nearly simultaneously, despite the FC Barcelona 2:0 - and 3:2-lead Atletico Madrid punktemäßig empty.

"The Roma had just shot a goal when I got an SMS. Then: Atletico 4, Barca 3rd Since I already had a little smile," portrayed Raul.
"A little smile" is likely a bit of understatement. Rather laughs Real Madrid for three games neatly into Fäustchen. Of twelve points are the four other FC Barcelona stayed. The league leader schwächelt - and Real Madrid is always better.

Ramos does a terrific job
A diploma for the best offensive football is Real this season are not awarded. But the team does, what their new coach required of them: their job.

Juande Ramos gave the team a few weeks within a style conveys that it is in Madrid has a long way.

"The fact that Real Madrid has a high quality, everyone knows that. But they have played terribly. From tactics or structure was nothing to see. Under Ramos, a plan is finally visible. Real play tactically much better and has an order on the square," says Ricardo Moar. 

Diarra was a good buy
Ten league games in succession, Real Madrid and won only two opposite gates collects. "Ramos had no success at Tottenham. But he has learned a lot and especially tactically trained. From colleagues as coach Rafael Benitez (Liverpool, d.Red.) You can also learn a lot," said Moar.

Ramos brought Lassana Diarra from London. Not a virtuoso on the ball, not Zidane or Figo. But just one, sometimes the skin in between. Diarra comes on the fans good, honest work because he delivers.

Ramos is a fanatic discipline, in contrast to predecessor Bernd Schuster. "Bernd is a good coach, but he has the players too much freedom given. They are at the end of him on the nose herumgetanzt" presumed Moar.

Raul is playing as strong as in his best years

One of the major role in Schuster's resignation have been involved should be experienced under Ramos his umpteenth spring. Raul achieved in the last three match of five goals and has now already 14 at the season's account - the best rate since 2001. "He is the white Ferrari in Real," wrote the newspaper "AS".

"Raul is a fine guy and a tireless worker. If he is 50 years younger would have his place in our team had," said the "Napoles of football" Raymond "Kopa" Kopaszewski in an interview with "realmadrid.com." Kopa was a member of the legendary Real team to Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas, the 1956 to 1960 five times in a row won the Landesmeistercup.

At the heyday of the white ballet wants Real as soon as possible to build. The last Champions League victory is seven years ago and real threat to the 0:1-Pleite in round first leg against Liverpool again premature Off.

"Should Real be eliminated, they will be back Ramos' head call. But we should rest him in work. He can achieve a great deal," says Moar.


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