Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Löw, you just got punk`d

Düsseldorf, Germany

In yesterdays friendly, Germany suffered a 0-1 defeat against the second unit of norway. Having played with the best German team in the first half, this loss is even worse - an there`s also another thing: Norways coach Egil Olsen (is he still gonna be replaced after this terrific strike?) said after the game, that he studied the german side for the last 3 matches very carefully. This lead to a brilliant denfense strategy, which reminded me of the infamous "catenaccio" in Italies 80/90ties. There was no chance to break through the norwegian defense for the German players, also if they tried with some shots from long distance. But the worst thing: Löw didnt even seem to be prepared for this - so he changed tactically nothing during the whole 90 Minutes! Norway was expected to be an easy test candidat for Germany to practices a bit for the next challenges. But so, Mr. Löw, guess you just got punk`d!


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